Companies working in Kazakhstan are exposed to different kinds of risks due to the continuous changes in the tax and accounting environment of Kazakhstan.

Our Company, as a professional services firm, would endeavour to help you solve such problems and contribute to a successful realisation of your business pursuits in Kazakhstan offering the following scope of services:

  • Accounting outsourcing:
  • Tax services:
  • Consulting services;
  • Payroll;
  • Liquidation services.

Our company specializes in accounting area, and also in tax consulting, therefore each type of service, rendered by our company, represents organized process.


1. Cost efficiency.

Using our consultants’ services you cut down all expenses associated with an in-home accounting department, such as costs on personnel, workplace, salary and taxes (Pension fund 10%, Personal Income tax 10%, and Social contribution 21%). There is no necessity to waste time and money for selection of staff.

After you have employed an accountant, you bear expenses on payment of his working hours,even when the volume of work decreases. Using our company services, you can control your costs, as you pay only for actual volume of works done.

2. Experienced staff and Professional competence.

You get professionals who are continuously raising qualification, who have professional work experience more than 10 years, with relevant experience in accounting, taxation and consulting fields.

3. Efficient control.

You get efficient control of the company’s finances. You reduce expenses on restoration or correction of errors which an in-house accountant can do during the work process, because your books are always double-checked also by our internal control team. You will not incur losses on correction of the errors admitted by the accountant, because this part is insured. Therefore, you can concentrate on the main activity of your Company without any worries about taxes and other accounting issues.

4. Individual approach.

We closely communicate with each of our clients to understand their needs and help them to develop effective accounting system and solve any issues aroused during operational activities.

We bring our knowledge of accountancy and taxes to the service of our clients. We advice business owners on a broad range of tax issues, help them to build effective tax schemes, which fit their needs.

Accounting outsourcing includes the following services:

  • Organization of accounting;
  • Complex accounting service – conducting of full accounting and tax accounts;
  • Partial accounting service;
  • Accounting restoration;
  • Accounting automation;
  • Analysis of financial condition of the companies;
  • Preparation of Accounting Policy of the company;
  • Preparation of Tax Accounting Policy of the company.

Our company can carry out all functions of accounting department of the company up to execution of bank payments and issue of primary documents to counterparts. However, it does not exclude possibility of construction of quite difficult and flexible business processes with the use of our company and own employees for efficiency achievement.

The client can choose subscription service (on a constant basis) or to order single service for the operative solution of a specific target.

To the small companies, with insignificant volume of primary accounting documents circulation we offer full outsourcing of conducting accounting and tax accounting.

We are always open to discuss any possible cooperation convenient for your Company.

Tax accounting

Our company offers the following services on the tax accounting from the registration date of the company and in the further business activity:

  • Preparation and filing the tax returns to the tax authorities;
  • Preparation and filing the documents necessary for the registration of individual entrepreneurs in the tax authorities;
  • Tax accounting, calculation and transfer of taxes and other obligatory payments to the state budget;
  • Preparation and filing the tax reports for legal entities and individuals;
  • Reconciliation of accrued and paid taxes with the tax authorities;
  • Representation of the company’s interests in the tax authorities, including the following of the tax audits;
  • Obtaining of the certificates from the tax authorities.

Restoration of tax accounting

The restoration of tax accounting is done based on the accounting data, provided by the company’s accounting department or after the restoration of the financial accounting by our company.

The restoration procedure includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of the accounting data and finding the not accounted tax liabilities;
  • Checking of the correctness and fullness of accrual and payment of taxes, recorded transactions on the amounts of accrued taxes and other obligatory payments based on the financial data and reports;
  • Reconciliation of declared figures with the final amounts of taxes; preparation and submission of the additional reports;
  • Upon the checking and payment of current tax liabilities for each tax period based on the provided financial data, we prepare the Corporate Income Tax Declaration (CIT). In case of revealed differences between the financial data and submitted tax declaration, the additional CIT Declaration shall be submitted;
  • Obtaining the reconciliation act with the final amounts of taxes and other payments from the tax authorities.

International taxation 

  • Consulting on application of international treaties on avoidance of double taxation for legal entities and individuals, allowing to achieve the minimization of tax risks;
  • Based on the provided information (contract, invoice) on the transactions, where on of the party is the nonresident of the RK, we make the analysis and if necessary, the calculation of taxes as per the legislation of the RK and international tax treaties;
  • Opening of conditional bank deposit for payment of withholding income tax from incomes of nonresident earned from the business activity in the RK;
  • Obtaining the certificate confirming the accrued and paid withholding income taxes of nonresident from the tax authorities;
  • Apostiling the certificates issued by the tax authorities;
  • Returning from the state budget the withholding income tax paid from the incomes of nonresidents earned from the sources in the RK.

Consulting on accounting

Based on your written request our consultants on accounting:

  • shall prepare the written information according to the current legislation;
  • shall help to find the solution in the complicated question;
  • shall help to apply the theory in practice;
  • shall help to develop the accounting system, in full and in separate sections.

Development of Accounting policy

Accounting policy is the principles, fundamentals, conditions, rules and practices, accepted by the company for accounting and book-keeping and preparation of financial reporting in accordance with the legislation of the RK. Based on your company’s requirements and type of the business activity we help to develop the methods of accounting and develop the accounting policy particularly for your company.

Consulting on taxation of legal entities and individuals

  • Preparation of the written information on questions on taxation of legal entities and individuals, residents and non-residents;
  • Revealing and prevention of the tax risks during the business transactions;
  • Helping the companies with the tax accounting, preparation of tax returns, and the tax planning as per the legislation of the RK.

This service implies the accrual of salary on the basis of the data and information provided by the client (individual labor agreement, timesheets, payroll schedule, orders on employment and dismissal, vacation, etc.).The calculation of salary can be done with the different methods and approaches, including the gross-up method, when the individual labor agreement stipulates the net amount of salary, received by an employee after the deduction of all taxes and social contributions.

We can calculate the amount of vacation allowance, allowance for unused vacation, allowances for temporary disablement by sick list, etc. Moreover, we can prepare the documentation necessary for payment of salary by the bank transfer – payment orders with the lists of employees, and the documentation for petty cash salary payments – payroll lists. If necessary, we can prepare the payroll lists and the income statements on each employee for any time period.

Our services on liquidation include the following procedures:

  • Indication of the procedure and terms of liquidation, preparation of the all accounting documentation for checking of the financial status;
  • Written notification of tax authorities on the liquidation;
  • Written notification of all creditors on the liquidation;
  • Preparation and filing the CIT Declaration for the period ending as of the date of Decision of liquidation;
  • Reconciliation of taxes and other obligatory payments with tax authorities;
  • Following the tax audit conducted by tax authorities;
  • Obtaining the certificates on absence of delinquencies from state authorities (Road police, Customs department, Land department, BTI, etc.);
  • Preparation and approval of provisional liquidation financial reporting;
  • Preparation and approval of final liquidation financial reporting;
  • De-registration in tax authorities;
  • Preparation and provision of complete package of documents necessary for de-registration of the company in justice authorities.